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Hi! I'm the vice president of the Upstate Apple Users Group ( in central NY. I'm presenting a demo of 1Password Families to our group in September (I've been a 1Password user since version 2, and I just registered my family for 1Password Families). Would you be willing to donate a standalone Mac or iOS license or the first year subscription for 1Password Families to our group to use as a door prize for that meeting? It's happening on Tuesday, September 27 at the Dunham Library in Whitesboro, NY.

On related note, I neglected to apply the user group discount you offer when signing up for 1Password Families. Could I have done that? If so, how can I apply the discount to my renewal in the future?

Thanks! Love 1Password! It's absolutely essential to my daily use of the Internet. My memory bank, so to speak!

--Peter Chien
--Vice President, Upstate Apple Users Group

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  • As a followup to these questions, I see I also missed the offer for 6 months free when signing up for 1Password Families. Argh! How long will you be offering this? I wonder if the offer will still be in effect on 9/27 when I give my demo.


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    Hi @PeteChien,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in, and for sharing 1Password with your users group!

    Please drop us an email to [email protected] and include a link to this thread ( ). Once you have sent the email you should receive a message back from BitBot with a support ID. Please post that ID here. We can work with you via email to set something up for your demo.

    The 6 months free offer applies only to individual 1Password accounts (now referred to simply as "1Password"), not to 1Password Families. You can read more about that here:

    We do still offer 30 days free for 1Password Families.



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