No confirmation email when trying to sign up

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I've tried a few times today to sign up for 1password.
Unfortunately I don't get the confirmation email, thus I can't complete the registration.

I hope you guys can help me with this.

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Referrer: forum-search:confirmation email


  • Hi @malmstedt! Sorry about that. It looks like your spam filter bounced the confirmation email. I'd recommend using a different email address or talking to your system administrator about getting [email protected] whitelisted. Let us know how that goes! :)

  • malmstedt
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    Thank you for the answer. I'll try to get [email protected] whitelisted, otherwise I'll sign up using a different email adress. Thanks.

  • Pilar
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    Hi @malmstedt

    On behalf of Jacob, you're very welcome! I hope that we get whitelisted soon so you can start enjoying 1Password :chuffed:

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