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I was using 1password anywhere (opening it from a web browser through dropbox). That stopped working some time ago (what a shame!) but now there was a recent dropbox "hack". I have of coursed already changed my dropbox password. Should I also change my 1password master password? If so, should I do that, and THEN change all of my important passwords I was using 1password to protect?

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  • AGKyle
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    Hi @diego898

    1PasswordAnywhere is an html file that is downloaded from and run in your browser. When you enter your master password into the page for 1PasswordAnywhere there is javascript on the page that decrypts the data only in your browser, not on Dropbox's servers.

    Your data is safe in that regard.

    And just an important point. There wasn't a "recent" Dropbox hack. What you're hearing about is one that happened back in 2012. Please see this page for details.

    You should definitely consider changing your Dropbox password and any other sites that may have used that same password. You can use 1Password's search feature on Mac to find any other items that used that password for your Dropbox account. Remember, your 1Password Master Password should always be unique and never used anywhere else. If it's not unique, yes, you should consider changing it as well.

    If you're syncing your data to Dropbox, you should also know your Dropbox password. In the event that you lost access to all of your devices, you would need to know your Dropbox password in order to access your 1Password data. If your Dropbox password is not known and is stored in 1Password, you won't be able to login :)

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