Unable to sort Favourites / Category Translations for Accounts

Hi folks,

I'm sure that I used to be able to re-order my Favourite items within iOS, but it seems I no longer can. Is this something missing, or because I'm using 1Password Accounts?

Additionally, I remember reading a long time ago that localisation was being planned for the Category names, which come directly from the Agilebits servers. Is this nearing completion? I can see that I get a nice "OrganiSe" label in the app, but I'm still stuck with "Driver Licenses" and "Social Security Numbers".


1Password Version: 6.5 (650018)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 10 (14A5346a)
Sync Type: 1Password Accounts (Family)


  • MrRooniMrRooni

    Team Member

    Hey Tom (@smallcheese),

    Your inability to sort your Favorites is probably because you are in "All Vaults". If you tap on the vault picker in the upper left and go to a specific vault you'll find that you can put the Favorites list into Edit mode and change the order of your items there.

    We're still working on our localization solution for the server vended categories. I'm sorry that we don't have anything to report there yet.


  • Hey Michael,

    Unfortunately not, I don't get the edit option appear regardless of which valid option I have selected.


  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    Hi @smallcheese,

    After selecting a specific vault (not All Vaults) and Favorites, you're not seeing the Edit button near the top right of the screen? Here's what it looks like with the Demo vault on my iPhone 5c:

    Is there any difference after you force close the app and reopen it?

    From your original post:

    OS Version: iOS 10 (14A5346a)

    I'm running iOS 9 so am waiting for someone else on our team to check if this might be an issue with iOS 10.

  • Yeah that's right, that's what I'm seeing. I did just have the Edit button there for a while just now when I went to double check, but it remained regardless of what I selected, even all vaults. Pressing it crashes the app, and upon restart it was gone again.

    Quick answer - yes, it's missing regardless of vault selection!

  • AGKyleAGKyle AgileSupport 1Password Alumni

    Hi @smallcheese

    I'm able to duplicate the crash. Here are the steps I have:

    1. Goto any other vault than All Vaults
    2. Tap Edit in Favorites
    3. Tap Done in Favorites
    4. Goto All Vaults
    5. Tap Edit

    At this point it crashes. The "Edit" item should not be shown in All Vaults at all so somehow we're getting confused by the vault switching and the Edit isn't disappearing like it should.

    Is this consistent with what you're experiencing?

    Just to note, Edit should not and maybe won't ever appear in All Vaults. But you should be able to customize it in each individual vault.

  • It's not a consistent experience no. Like right now, I don't get an Edit option when under my Personal Vault. This is how it is most of the time, the brief appearance of the Edit button yesterday was a rare occurrence - the first time I'd seen it since I noticed the issue.

    Just a thought - if you'll never be able to re-order in All Vaults (which you can do in the Mac App quite happily - why the difference?) then how will items be sorted in iOS if you have Favourites belonging to more than one vault?

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @smallcheese: Wow! Good question! I don't think we have any logic for this yet, as All Vaults, while it's been around for a little bit now, is still a relatively new feature that we're still refining. @AGKyle, what's the word? I'm trying to wrap my head around how 1Password could merge multiple vaults' Favorites ordering, especially as new ones are added...

  • Simple answer - let them be ordered in All Vaults and assign a FavIndex number to each item. Then you can sort them as desired regardless of vault selection.

    That's how my simplistic VB6 brain would approach it!

  • brentybrenty

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    @smallcheese: Hahaha you may be right! But unfortunately we also have to consider that Favorites predates All Vaults, so whatever we do would likely need to either ignore legacy ordering altogether or incorporate the per-vault ordering somehow. Hmm... :unamused:

  • I just met Joel Spolsky 10 minutes ago, I should have asked for advice. :)

    Nerd hero tick

  • AGKyleAGKyle AgileSupport 1Password Alumni

    This could technically work if you re-order in all vaults. You'd just have to assign an index that matches in all vaults and then in their respective real vaults they'd correspond to that.

    However, this would absolutely break things if you were to then re-order in the real vault.

    This is what we do on Mac. I hadn't even realized we allowed it there, thanks for pointing that out. The bigger these apps get the less I know about some of the more intricate details :)

    We don't have two sort indexes, one for all vaults and one for the real vault, so editing in either will impact the other. I'm not sure I'm super fond of this since it can cause some confusion on why things are behaving the way they behave.

    Sorry, wish I had a better answer but I'm also not the smartest guy on the team either. Maybe someone else will have some ideas I don't.

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