How do I add an existing user to my Family account?

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A couple months ago, I moved away from LastPass and subscribed to a 1Password Family account and set it up. It works great and now I want to add my wife to this account.

I went on her machine and set up 1Password. I just downloaded the trial version of the app from your site and set up her account (migrated her logins from LastPass, set up her password, installed the Safari plugin and everything).

Then I sent her an invite -- but all that seems to want to do is prompt her to create a NEW account. I'd rather not do that if necessary since we already got her all set up. What's my easiest route here? I want to just put her account and her logins under the umbrella of my Families account.


1Password Version: 6.3.2
Extension Version: 4.5.8
OS Version: OS X 10.11.6
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • Hi @octothorpe8! I'm sorry for the confusion here. A family account is separate from the standalone app you set your wife up with. She can use the same Master Password when signing up for the family and then move the items she imported from LastPass over to the family.

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    I see you have quite a lot of items in your account, so you probably followed this same guide when you first set things up and imported your LastPass data. Once your wife does it, you'll both be set! :) Let us know how things go.

  • octothorpe8
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    Ah crap, ok. I guess I'll get her to re-create her account. That's confusing and it seems like something you could simplify on your end. I mean, it seems like one would be able to just invite an existing user intead of making Family accounts somehow fundamentally different and non-interchangable.

  • @octothorpe8 Yeah, I see what you mean. Accounts are still a bit of a new concept for us. We're getting started with them in phases, and inviting an existing user is definitely one we'd love to tackle. In a case like this, since she set up 1Password on her device locally, she didn't have an account but just had a local copy of her data. So inviting her to the account is essentially what you already did, she just has to move things into that new family account.

    It is a bit confusing, I'll admit. The team has some great ideas for making things better and we're getting there. :sweat: :smile: I appreciate you taking the time to post some feedback too. It's good to know what you need. Let us know if you hit any other bumps along the way.

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    This is really confusing. After being 1Password's biggest advocate for years, I am really frustrated by this. I tried to set up a family account for my parents, so I set up a 1Password account for my father, then one for my mother, then used my father's account to invite my mother, but found I have to create a new account for her because there is no way to invite an existing user. Such a pain.

  • Jacob

    @markmckeown I'm sorry for the confusion so far. You can absolutely invite existing users, but with a slightly different approach when they are using a license since that doesn't include an account, which means there's nothing for them to sign in with yet. Once you send an invite to their email, all they have to do is sign in to their account in the app and their data will be moved over automatically when they choose to have it migrated. :)

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