Feature Suggestion: Refresh icon on Admin Console page


I'd love to see a refresh button on the admin console. Instead I have been refreshing the browser page but it feels more correct for me to hit a refresh button on the page to see for instance if any new activity has occurred while I am expecting something.

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  • Hi @hesspaul! Thanks for posting about this. You can actually reload the Admin Console without using the browser's reload button. Instead, use Command (Control for Windows) R or and 1Password.com intercept it and use it to reload the web app itself. :) If that's not quite working for you, let me know what you're looking to reload.

  • hesspaul
    Community Member

    Funny that's what I had been doing, but I didn't realize you were intercepting my command. I notice now that if I actually do a browser refresh it logs me out (perhaps for security reasons?).

  • @hesspaul Yep, that reloads the data in the app without reloading the page. :) Reloading the page using the browser does log you out for security reasons, because it forces the session to end, so you have to start a new one. Hope that helps.

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