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Family responded with a resounding "we don't care" when I offered to add them to my trial family membership. I let it expire. Now I have logins that are "frozen" and apparently were created during that trial period but I can't delete them "until problem is resolved" Not a big deal but I'd like to clear them off.
Thanks. You guys are great.

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  • Oops. Using 6.3.2; Mac IOS 10.11.5 iCloud sync

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    Hi @fredarvidson! Sorry for the delay. We had a very busy weekend and we're catching up on things. I'm a bit sad to hear your family didn't want to adopt 1Password Families. If they don't care, I'm not sure I can do anything to convince them I'm afraid... I would be happy to help you move past it though. From what I understand, you'd like to delete the 20 items in your account? The easiest way to do this would be to delete the account itself. I see you also have a license for 1Password 6 and you can continue using that instead.

    Before I recommend deleting your account, I just want to make sure you copy the data from it to 1Password for Mac. If you already have everything in there, no worries — skip to the next paragraph. If not, select the items you wish to copy by holding Command on your keyboard while clicking them, or select them all by pressing Command A on your keyboard. With the items selected, choose Items -> Share from the menu bar, then select the vault you want to copy them to (most likely the Primary vault) and click Copy. You can also click the export button (a little box with an arrow pointing up) on each item, select a vault, and click Copy to quickly copy an individual item.

    To delete your account, sign in from a browser and click your family name in the top right, then choose Family Settings. At the bottom of the page there will be a button to delete your account and that will guide you through the process.

    Let me know how things go, and if you have any questions we're happy to help. :)

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