Items missing when syncing between iOS/OSX and Android.

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I'm using Dropbox to sync my logins between my iOS, OSX and Android device. While I guess that about 98% of the items are synced correctly, there are always a few items missing. Most notably, an item (lets call it A) I've recently added on OSX does not show up on Android, even though newer items that I created later are synchronized just fine. Moreover, I had no issues whatsoever syncing the same item to my iOS device.

1Password Version: OSX: 6.3.2, iOS: 6.4.4, Android: 6.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OSX: 10.11.6, iOS: 9.3.5, Android 5.0.2
Sync Type: DropBox
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  • HI @sboeser. Thanks for getting in touch with us today.

    Do you notice that it's just one item in particular that isn't syncing, or do you have other items that aren't syncing as well? Also, what category is the item in on Mac? By chance was it created as a Password item and then converted to a Login? If so, are you able to find it in the Logins category on Android?

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