I have synced with PC, iPad, and Android phone. Suddenly it won't sync Android. Why?


It worked well before. Trying to sync Android phone, but WLAN doesn't seem to recognize PC. PC identity does not appear on phone. in going through some of the support questions they say version 6.4 doesn't work with WLAN. I notice I have version 6.4 now, did it update itself? Can I get back to a version which works with WLAN?

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  • saad
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    @tedmorsetedmorse11 Wi-Fi sync was recently renamed to WLAN Server sync and it should work in the latest versions of 1Password for Android. What error message are you seeing on your device when you try to sync?

  • tedmorsetedmorse11
    • I figured it out. I was trying to go thru Settings>Sync and got to the WLAN page, which showed WLAN either on or off. Sync would not occur. After playing around-forever-I went to Categories>punched on the three vertical dots>Sync, it went right on thru and synced as it was supposed to. Maybe I had been doing that before when I had been successful in syncing, and just forgot and was doing it the other way, which wouldn't work. Ah! the wonders of old age and short memory!!
  • Thanks for the update, @tedmorsetedmorse11. I'm glad you were able to get things syncing on Android. :)

    Let us know if you have any other problems in the future. Thanks again!

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