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Hey there,

I'm sorry if my question was already answered on here. I haven't found a discussion so I started this one. If there is already an answer to my question please just send me there and I will have a thorough look :)

I have the problem that I sometimes can't log into a page because it requests my email and password. But 1Password automatically saved the login with username instead of the requested email.
Is there any way to tell 1Password which field of the login it should use to login?
I admit it is a rather unimportant question because I could just enter my email in the username section. But then there will stand: username - [email protected]
But that is wrong because it isn't actually my username but my email address. And I haven't found a way to rename the very first field. (the username and password one)

I also tried to just tell the webform section that my email is my Account identifier (the little person icon) but then 1Password just overwrote my username with my email and it still said: username - email

Thank you so much if anyone has an answer.
Kind regards,

1Password Version: 6.3.3
Extension Version: 4.5.9
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.11.6
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Pilar
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    Hi @FredWeasly

    It's great to see a wizard using 1Password ;)

    If you could give us an example of which site or sites you're having this trouble with it would help us give you a more accurate answer :chuffed: In general, the best approach for this kind of cases is to save the login manually. 1Password will pick what needs to go where and then fill it nicely! If there's any more data that you need to save you can always add more fields :chuffed:

    Please let us know if you try this and what you think about it!

  • FredWeasly
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    Hi there Pilar,

    Hahahaha thanks. Even wizards have to keep their passwords safe.
    And thanks for your fast answer. I hadn't had the time to reply so sorry for the long wait.

    The most recent example would be pinterest.com .
    Your suggestion worked as described but didn't solve my 'problem'. With your solution I create a login that uses exactly my login information. If we look at pinterest for example my email address and my password. But what 1Password now does is the following: it saves my password as intended as a password for logins. While my email address will also be saved for future logins, it will be saved in the field exactly above the password field. That field's name is: username. That's technically not correct and was a problem for me a few times when I created an account on some website (like pinterest). Because what happens when you create your account on pinterest is, that you have to input an email address, a username, a password (and sometimes more). I always only fill out the necessary like email address and username and then generate a password using 1Password. When I submit my account information 1Passwords asks if it should save my login data. I say yes. But when I want to sign in the next time using 1Password I can't. Because 1Password tries to put in my username and password. But what pinterest want's from me is my email address and my password.
    So I have to change my login data into the following:
    username: [email protected]
    password: ********
    And then I have to save my real username somewhere else in the login. And it bothers me, that it states username = email

    **So to take things to an end:
    Is there the possibility to rename the 'username' field that shows the login info OR the possibility to set a different field as the login info 1Password should submit?


    My wish would be to implement a smarter function for 1Password to take the login data it needs when creating an account (so I don't have to change it later on)**

  • Pilar
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    Hi @FredWeasly

    Thank you for getting back in touch with these details, it makes it all much clearer :chuffed:

    I can see how things can get a bit weird with accounts that use your email as "real" username (unique identifier), while also having something else that is called "username" but serves a different purpose. I went ahead and created an account for Pinterest. It let me pick as username something that is not unique (the one I had with my actual Pinterest account). I think the problem here is with semantics. 1Password will call "username" the one identifier thing that will let you into the account. Some sites, like Pinterest or Facebook come to mind, will have an email as that, while you can pick anything, not necessarily unique as "screen name" or "username" or "name". In a way, 1Password "can't know" the difference between a username that happens to include the @ sign and email, it just gets a unique identifier that will let you into your account. What 1Password does need to know is "what data do I need to input in which slot?". In Pinterest what they call username serves more as an "alias" of sorts, and it will be of little or no help in the login process :chuffed:

    All this being said, I think this is very interesting and, to be honest, something I personally hadn't thought about until you brought it up :chuffed: Right now, you cannot alter the tag for username, but we're always working to improve 1Password and maybe we'll be able to bring up something that will let you adjust this some time in the future!

    Please let us know your thoughts on all this, and keep on with the magic! :chuffed:

  • FredWeasly
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    Hi @Pilar,

    Thank you so much for your detailed answer. I read it right away but unfortunately forgot to answer you. Sorry about that.
    You answered my question in full detail and I'm very happy :chuffed:
    While I would still love the possibility to rename the tags, I can live with the status quo and now it doesn't bother me as much as before.

    Hope you had a great start into 2017 and thanks again for your effort!

  • Drew_AG
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    On behalf of Pilar, you're very welcome! I hope you're also having a great 2017 so far, and if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're here for you! :)

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