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Adding "Sync.com" Support?

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Hey all,

Are there plans to add support for native "Sync.com" sync support? Currently, I can sync to my Sync.com folder by telling 1Password to sync to a "folder" and then choosing a folder in my Sync directory; however, the whole process isn't working perfectly, and I often find, among other things, lots of files with a -CONFLICT-1 postfix after everything has been syncing for a while. It seems the integrations with Dropbox and iCloud are more robust, and I'd love to see something like that for Sync.com.

Is this something we can hope/expect to see in the future?

Thanks so much!


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  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @noahax: That's a new one to me! It's certainly difficult to keep up with the sync services out there! :lol:

    The reason that Dropbox and iCloud are supported is because they handle the data cleanly, manage conflicts, and we've thoroughly tested both. We can definitely consider adding support for other sync services in the future, but I'll be honest: those which have been requested most frequently and have robust APIs (mobile is really important too) are more likely to be added. Thanks for letting us know your preference on this! :)

  • noahaxnoahax
    Community Member

    Thanks, @brenty. There sure are a lot of cloud services out these days, and Sync.com is fairly new to the game, so I sure don't blame you! I normally wouldn't even bring one up, but since they're so security-conscious I figured they'd be right up the alley of other 1Password users. Again, the software is kind of in its infancy, and I don't believe they have any API at the moment, but I just wanted to gauge your (1Password's) interest or at least get the service on your radar. Perhaps others will start clamoring for support as the service grows in popularity :)
    Thanks again!

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @noahax: The weird thing was that when I was researching them after reading your comments, it says they've been around for years, so maybe they've "pivoted" from something else or just flew under our radar for some reason. Without an API it's simply not possible for us to support them on mobile, and for most people only being able to sync between computers is not super compelling. Thanks so much for bringing them to our attention though! We'll be sure to keep them in mind going forward. Cheers! :)

  • jtalbot9jtalbot9
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    I'd echo this. Sync is compelling for a couple of reasons 1. Security & 2. Price and it's definitely growing and gaining traction.

    I've got to vaults set up. One is synced with iCloud (my personal one) the other is in a folder on sync.com as I share it with a colleague at work for work passwords. This second one is the one causing issues, is there a work around in some way? Maybe i've set the sharing of the vault up badly and could use iCloud and they could use their own iCloud to sync (or dropbox if they have that)?

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @jtalbot9: We don't currently have any plans to add more 3rd party sync services. 1Password already supports a few sync options that have been thoroughly vetted and proven reliable over time. And currently we're focused on 1Password.com, since we can offer a more seamless sync experience (and many more benefits) and fix things if our customers have issues.

    But for your particular situation, it just isn't possible to sync data between iCloud accounts. A local vault can be shared using Dropbox though. You may be able to use Folder Sync with your existing setup for this purpose, but just keep in mind that this isn't supported, as 1Password doesn't have any control over the sync process, so be sure to make regular backups of your data.

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