Unable to delete vaults created in addition to Primary

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I have been trying to figure out how to delete vaults. You have introduced a very good idea but have launched it without knowing how to implement it! I need a "clear and concise" (your words for describing a problem (!!)) way to DELET a VAULT. I had a primary vault. I created two vaults using the primary. Now I can't delete the 2 vaults I created but I can delete the primary vault! The instructions online are complicated AND unhelpful. Before you launched this feature it should have been suggested to your genius engineers that people will want to delete them.

Your 'clear and concise' instructions would be helpful!

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Referrer: forum-search:It is way to complicated to delete vaults. I created some and now I can't delete them.


  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @peterjones,

    I'm sorry for any confusion about how to delete vaults! Hopefully we can make this clearer in the future. For now, I'm sure I can help you get this sorted out.

    There are a couple different kinds of vaults that can exist in the 1Password app: Vaults that are part of a 1Password.com account, and local/standalone vaults that aren't part of an account. There are some differences between account vaults and local vaults, especially when it comes to creating or deleting them - and I think that might be causing the confusion here.

    The Primary vault is a local vault, and it can only be deleted if you're signed into an account in the app, and if there are no other local vaults aside from Primary. From your description, it sounds like your two other vaults are both part of a 1Password.com account, which explains why you have an option to delete the Primary vault, and also explains why you don't have an option to delete those account vaults. (If they were local vaults, you would be able to switch to one and then go to 1Password > Delete [vault name] Vault from the menubar.)

    Is there a reason you want to delete your account vaults? If you have your 1Password data in the Primary vault, and you signed up for an account on 1Password.com, you'll probably want to move the data from Primary into your account vaults (and then delete the Primary vault). This is all described here: Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    On the other hand, if you really want to delete vaults that are part of your account, you'll need to do that from your account settings on 1Password.com (we can give you more specific steps if that's what you're trying to do).

    Does that help to clear things up a bit? If you have more questions about that, please let us know - we're always happy to help! :)

  • llaamaboy
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    And that was suppose to clear it up?
    On my web account, it shows two vaults. I want one. However the vault I want is the 'default' vault and does not have the edit icon to delete the vault.

    So to delete that, is that the "start over" stuff I see. IF I star over, will I be able to get my data in the vault i want. The Vault I want is currently showing on my computer's application version.

  • Hi @llaamaboy,

    Drew's response largely covered the non-account scenario. Under accounts it currently isn't possible to change the default set (Personal, Shared) of vaults but that's certainly something we could consider for a future update.

    Starting over or "Reset 1Password Data" would put you back at the setup window, the two paths would take you back to either 1Password.com account (Personal, Shared) or a non-account vault called Primary.


  • JodiSte01
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    For anyone with these kind of problems, let me help you.
    If you have local vaults and any additional vaults created under the local vaults, you need to delete those first.
    The best thing to do is to go through all vaults you can delete (and want to delete of course). Delete those first.
    When all sub-vaults are deleted, the main vaults become deletable.
    The way you can find out if that is the case is by going to 1Password > Preferences > Advanced. Have a look if the bottom option (Local Vaults) can be unticked. If not, you have sub-vaults to delete first. (see attached image)

    If it is unticked, the sub-vaults you have are part of your subscription and not local. I guess there is a different way to deal with them. But I haven't check this one out yet.
    I am not sure why they did it like this, instead of asking you if you want to delete all sub-vaults as well. But there you go. Technicians who don't understand usability. A common problem in IT.

  • Hi @JodiSte01,

    You're right, we certainly could have done that better. And I hope that we do make it better.

    Removing the vaults is a very destructive action, and we decided that we wanted the user to be conscious of every step of that destruction. Only a tiny tiny percentage of our userbase has more than a single vault, so most users can simply check/uncheck that checkbox and it behaves as you would expect. Those that have more than a single vault tend to be the more advanced users. It would still be nice to provide a better experience for those advanced users.


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