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I just started with 1Password for Familys and imported some test-entries in my personal vault. Now I will start over and the question is how to get rid of these entries? It seems that is it not possible to delete the personal vault within the Admin console.
Is there a way or do I have to move all the entries to trash?

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  • architect1337
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    You are not able to delete your personal vault in 1Password for families - it is your private default location. If you have created items in there, just delete them. They will go to trash, then you can empty trash.

  • Hi @andycz! I'm sorry for the trouble. I'd be happy to help out. Could you give me a better idea of why you need to delete the Personal vault? As architect1337 mentioned, it's not possible to delete that vault but you can delete the items in it. I'm not sure why you would want to do that since you just moved over to 1Password Families. If you would like the items you moved to be in your Shared vault or a vault that is shared with others in the family, you can simply move them to that vault.

    To move items in 1Password for Mac, for example, select the items you wish to move by holding Command on your keyboard while clicking them, or select them all by pressing Command A on your keyboard. With the items selected, choose Items -> Share from the menu bar, then select the vault you want to move them to and click Move. You can also click the export button (a little box with an arrow pointing up) on each item, select a vault, and click Move to quickly move an individual item.

    Does that help?

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    Thank you for your help! You are right, it doesn't make sense to delete the Personal vault in order only to delete the items. So I deleted all items and empty the trash and every was fine.

  • No problem at all. Glad to hear you got things worked out. :) We're here if you have some other questions.

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