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Hi Agile Team,

i'm a long term 1p User on mac and iOS and a real early adopter of 1p4t. So I introduced 1p4t in my old company and now in my new one. Currently I have to use a Windows Notebook and I opted for Windowsstore version, because this supports 1p4t, as I rember from last year.
1p is really great on mac and iOS but it sucks under windows and as I see on my new colleagues adroid, it sucks there too. i wouldn't use 1p4t under regular circumstances in such a case and I know why the windows store user feedback is so bad too.

The great coding abilty of agilebits and feature of mac version and not available on windows.

You have to get things done right on other OS to, otherwise you won't have success with 1p4t either.


Wrote some more details but after editing there were gone.


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    @random_31731ec7aea: Long time no see! I'm really sorry for the confusion there! It sounds like you may actually be running into more trouble than you bargained for because you're using an old beta from the Windows Store. Please download the latest version from the 1Password website:

    1Password downloads

    There's still much more to come, but I think you'll have a better experience with the current release. Keep the feedback coming! :)

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    Close please :-D

  • Sounds like the newer Windows builds does the trick for you then? That team has been doing an amazing job at closing the gap between it and the Mac app.


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