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My 1Password is a seven word/number dice ware string. Individual passwords, for important websites (Bank, credit card, Amazon, etc.) are 18 character alphanumeric passwords generated in 1Password. I change these important passwords every six weeks. Is this necessary?

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  • Hi @jeffgc! Thanks for asking about this.

    Your Master Password

    I'm glad to hear your Master Password is a strong Diceware one. :) I also use a password made up of words and a few random symbols. You should only need to change your Master Password if it has been used somewhere else (it should only be used with 1Password) or you've shared it with someone. If it's strong and generated, you can continue using it as long as you feel comfortable. Some people like to change theirs often to feel secure, and that's okay, it's just not necessary most of the time if the password hasn't been shared with anyone else.

    It's important to know that your Master Password is never sent to us or any server, whether you use a account or don't. Learn a bit more about how 1Password protects your data when you use a sync service.

    Other passwords

    For your other passwords, similar rules apply, but the exception is that each website handles passwords differently. Some may store them unencrypted, and if someone accesses the database and takes your password and others, you should change it. Watchtower, a feature of 1Password available in the sidebar of the app, alerts you when a website you have a password for is breached. If you use 1Password for Mac, there is a bit of info on how to use Watchtower in the user guide. It's also available on iOS.

    If a website hasn't been breached and the other items I mentioned regarding your Master Password don't apply, changing a password is only necessary if it makes you feel more comfortable. :) Hope that helps answer your question!

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