On my iPhone I have two vaults: Personal and Primary.

On my iPhone I have two vaults: Personal and Primary. The primary was generates under the trial version and contains 40+ entries. The other one (personal) was generated when I paid for the full version. The desktop or web version do not "see" the Primary vault. Whatever I try with synching. I can move one item at a time on my iPhone, and it immediately pops up, but this seems stupid. Do you have a solution?

1Password Version: Not Provided
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OS Version: OSX 10.12.1
Sync Type: icloud
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  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @Theodorus1970! Sorry about that. From what I understand, you're looking to move the contents of your iPhone's Primary vault to your account's Personal vault? Rather than copying them one by one, it would be easier to do it all at once from your Mac. On your iPhone, configure the Primary vault to sync with iCloud:

    How to sync 1Password with iCloud

    Then on your Mac do the same. If you don't have a Primary vault there, open and unlock 1Password, then choose 1Password -> Preferences from the menu bar and click Advanced. Check the "Allow creation of vaults outside of 1Password accounts" box and enter your Master Password. This will create a vault you can sync with iCloud. Set up syncing from the Sync tab, then move your data as you did when you originally set up the account:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    Last up, remove the Primary vault on your Mac by switching to it and choosing 1Password -> Delete Vault. On your iPhone, remove it by tapping Settings -> Advanced -> Erase All 1Password Data. Do this once you have moved everything of course. ;) Let us know if you have any questions along the way.

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