Attachments to secure notes did not migrate, unable to reattach


We are using 1Password for Teams, having previously used the individual version. After importing the keychain file I have discovered that attachments to secure notes have not migrated as part of the process. There are not too many, so I have exported manually from the original vault and would like to attach to the secure notes in the Teams vault. However I am unable to do this. Editing the secure note does not offer a field to attach. Is there something I am missing here?


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  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hi @DaveSt! I'm sorry for the confusion. At the moment, you can add those attachments to your team account as document items, but they can only be linked in 1Password for Mac. If you have a Mac, you can migrate the items themselves over with that and documents will be created in place of attachments. If you're only using 1Password for Windows, add your attachments as documents by choosing New Item -> Import files as Documents.

    We're hoping to make importing items with attachments better in 1Password for Windows soon. Hope this helps in the meantime, and thanks for the patience. :)

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