What are the effects of a new Password?

If my wife and I change our personal vault passwords in our browser, will this change anything else? i.e.

Will we need print off new Emergency Kits for storage at the bank?
Will we get new account keys?

Am I correct in assuming we will then need to use the new Passwords in our iPhone and iPad applications?

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  • @Gordon101 changing your Master Password won't change anything else. The account key will remain the same. That only changes if you specifically ask to generate a new one in your 1Password account.

    If you have written your Master Password on your emergency kit print-out then you will want to print it again so that you can write your new Master Password on it. All other details on the emergency kit will be the same as they were before (unless you specifically changed them).

    You are correct, once changed you will need to use the new Master Password on all devices.

  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @Gordon101! You can change your Master Passwords and things will work as they have before. Be sure to write down your new one though, because you'll need it to unlock 1Password on your devices.

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