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Browser extensions require 1Password app [was: None of the browser extension work]

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I'm using linux as my OS so I can't use the desktop application. I've tried the 1password extension on firefox, chrome and chromium. None of the extensions are able to connect to 1Password. What's more the 1Password app tries to make an http request to youtube for some reason, it seems to be an embedded video. Here's a screenshot of the problem Anyway I don't see any reason why a password manager should be contacting third party services like youtube.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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  • DanielP
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    Hi @1passusr423 :)

    The 1Password browser extensions currently require the 1Password app to be installed on your machine, this is why you are seeing them unable to connect. They are looking for the 1Password app but because they cannot find it, the request just hangs there on the "Looking for the 1Password helper" window.

    Also, good job at spotting the YouTube connection ;) This is nothing to worry about: if the browser extension successfully manages to connect to the 1Password app, we then show a confirmation page which includes a YouTube clip with a getting started video:

    I hope this clarifies things. Let me know if you have any questions :)

  • 1passusr423
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    Thanks for the quick response and clarification about the youtube video. I'm guessing the only way to get 1Password working on linux would be to use dropbox as the storage medium? I think there used to be a guide here for an older version of 1Password .

  • khad
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    1Password is not supported on Linux. But you are correct: we have an older guide that goes over some steps other have had success with in the past when trying to use 1Password 4 for Windows under Wine on Linux:

    Some folks have had success with the extensions when following the steps there, but YDMV (Your Distro May Vary). :wink:

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