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As a business owner, if I purchase your service for my employees to help keep my business data safe, then I, as the business owner, should also possess the right to review the data within all of my accounts at my own discretion. It should be no different than rights granted to an employee using a company laptop of internet connection. In times of required audit or legal action, the organization should be able to access to employee's data.

Also, an automatic audit and alerting feature would be very helpful. If a user uses a password more than X times, an alert is sent to the designated 1Password admin. I know there is an audit feature currently, but it would require an admin to be able to access a vault. The alerts should be at the policy level.

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  • jpgoldberg
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    Hi @VinnyTroia!

    You are absolutely correct that the team owners should be the ones who decide whether members of the team can have truly personal vaults. Now we never1 promise features until they are delivered, but we have discussed implementing the ability for team owners to configure their teams in such a way that all vaults would automatically be shared with the team owners (or authorized administrators). The underlying technology for this shouldn't be hard, but it still will take some work to build this and have a way to present it to users.

    Likewise, in a situation where we don't have to fiercely protect the privacy of a vault from team owners, it should be much easier to make vault audit reports available to the owners/administrators. I can't promise that these features will be available in the near (or even medium term), but these are things that ideally we would like to offer.

    I should note that some team owners take the opposite view. They don't ever want to be in a position get at some individual's data, and they would like team members to be able to take some of their data with them when they leave the organization. From our point of view, we want to leave these decisions for the owners of particular teams.


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