Where exactly is the vault on my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy 10 Note) ?

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I am using 1Password 4 with WLAN syncing only to my Android tablet, but I cannot find where the vault of 125 entries is stored on the tablet. I see the entries in the app, but I searched for "agilekeychain" and "OPvault" on both the tablet directly and via USB connection to my PC without success. I read in another post something about the Android app using an "internal version of OPvault", but what does that mean exactly? There has to be a file or directory structure in storage somewhere on the device right? If so, where is it?

1Password Version: (19)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    1Password has its own internal database to store your data in and when you use WLAN sync, there are no external sync file involved like what Dropbox sync will have. So, you won't be able to see the 1Password's internal folder without having the root access on your device.

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