Android: What browser is used when I click on the URL in a 1Password login entry?

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Currently, the only way I can use 1Password on my Android tablet is to click on the login entry's URL. It then launches some browser to go to the page and fills in the fields. But exactly what browser is this? I want to use only Chrome or Firefox on my tablet. I don't want to have issues on some sites with this other browser down the road. Please explain. I cannot otherwise use the 1Password keyboard and automatic filling, because that's not working, see other post.

1Password Version:
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 4.1.2
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  • When you tap on the URL field of your login item, it opens the 1Browser. This is the internal web view built into 1Password and it’s great for quick access to your favourite websites. If you like to fill into external apps like Chrome and Firefox, you will need to use the 1Password Keyboard.

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    Ok, that what I thought. Not happy using the 1Browser, even though it may be quicker than the 1Password keyboard (which I still have to get to work). I also found the 1Browser giving me trouble when prompted by some sites to enter an additional catcha.

  • Thanks for the feedback! We plan on reviewing our filling implementation in the future, so hopefully we can make some improvements there. :)

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