Can we setup 1Password teams to sync only over WLAN?


We'd like to take advantage of the admin panel to manage users, permissions, etc, but want all our data to be stored locally.

Can we setup WLAN sync only (
If not, what options do we have to stay in sync without using a cloud sync? What would be a good, say, manual sync approach?

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  • Hi @bpourkazemi - Thank you for reaching out to us. Great question. May I ask why you require offline access? Sorry I just want to get a better understanding then I will be in a better position to answer your question. I look forward to continuing the conversation. Have a fantastic day! :-)

  • bpourkazemi
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    Sure: some information we'd rather not expose on the internet.

  • Hi @bpourkazemi - Completely understand. I just sent you over an email so we can continue our conversation over there. Thank you for the quick reply back. Talk to you soon. Have a great day!

    ref: QVM-21989-118

  • Ben
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    I just want to add for anyone else reading that the 1Password data stored on is encrypted, and the encryption keys never leave your device(s). They are generated locally, and used locally to decrypt the data retrieved from the server. You can read more about this in our security white paper:

    1Password Security Design White Paper

    As such 1Password data is not "expose[d] on the internet."



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