Android Syncing with 1Password 4: Why must I enter the master password again and again?

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Now that I have the sync working, another issue: I start the sync. But then first on my PC, I am asked to re-enter the master password, then after that, I am also prompted in the Android app to re-enter the master password. This happens despite both sides being properly unlocked. I imagine you have some security reasons for this but that makes manual syncing extremely tedious! Especially, when you can't see the master password you entered each time before submitting (see my other post on this). Please tell me it doesn't have to be like this. If both sides are unlocked and communicating, I fail to see the need to re-enter the master password 2 times again, or at least that should be configurable. OR at least, allow input of the PIN if set, on both devices.

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  • @Jassword Indeed, you have to enter the Master Password on Windows and confirm on Android for each WLAN sync session. Please have a look here for an explanation:

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    Thanks peri. But I'm going to have to chime in and gripe about this. It's ridiculous. You should let users customize this behavior. I am adding this to my list of major issues I have with the product, and will have to determine whether in sum they are a showstopper or not. I'm very surprised and disappointed at this juncture, having been very impressed so far with the 1Password 4 application on Windows. Dealing with it on Android is proving to be another matter. More on that later.

  • Unfortunately since 1Password 4 is no longer being actively developed, this is unlikely to change. The Master Password must be entered before syncing on Windows, and then has to be confirmed on Android.

    That said, we may be able to support automatic WLAN sync on Android in the future, and I'll certainly add your vote, though this won't take away the need to enter your Master Password on Windows before syncing.

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