Can I prevent users from adding their own vaults?

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I see how to set permissions within a vault, but can i prevent users from creating new vaults? We'd like to limit this to just a few members of our team.

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  • Hi @jryan

    Yes you can limit who on your team is able to create vaults.

    The ability to create a new 1Password Teams vault is managed by the Create Vaults group permission. In the Standard Plan this is limited to members of the Admin and Owners group. In the Pro plan you can create additional custom groups and determine which of those groups are able to create vaults by adding that permission.

  • jryan
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    Great. Where do I set this? When I look at a team member, I don't see a Create Vaults permission.

  • Hi @jryan,

    You'll want to go into the Groups panel, then find the Team Members group then click the Manage Permissions link. This will allow you to remove the Create Vaults permission for the group that everyone falls into by default.


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