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Hi and thanks for your help. I have been using 1password for a long time and will be getting a team subscription shortly, but I would like to know how people are using vaults. When I was a freelancer I used 'folders' in 1password for my clients' accounts. Then folders were removed from the browser extension and replaced with tags which has made rather a mess in my 1password app (especially since tags are case sensitive). How are vaults used? Is this for organizing projects (clients)? Or is the intention for organizing teams? Or is that groups? What is the recommended workflow for managing projects (clients).
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    Hi @callia, thanks for reaching out! These are excellent questions. 1Password is quite flexible when it comes to organizing stuff. As a consequence, there are multiple ways to use features like vaults, tags, groups etc. Here's how they were intended to be used, but this is not set in stone. If you find a way to make it work for you, every solution is a good one! :)

    Vaults - A vault is literally the thing that contains your data. You might want to have several vaults for different reasons, e.g. to separate your work items from the private items. The key word here is separation: Each vault is a different place where 1Password data lives. Separate vaults also come in handy if you want to share items with other people (more on that below under Groups). In the Preferences, you can hide vaults that you don't need too often by excluding them from All Vaults.

    You could, if you need it, use vaults to organize items by client, but depending on how many clients you have, you'd probably end up having a lot of vaults. On the other hand it makes granting team access on a client basis really easy.

    Tags - Tags are labels that you can add to your items, to further separate your items 'logically', i.e. without giving them a separate physical space, but still have a means to filter a vault and only show a subset of its content. In that regard they're similar to folders, but also more flexible, as an item can have multiple tags but could only be in one folder. You mentioned that tags 'rather made a mess'. I'd love to hear why you think that? What feels 'wrong' about it?

    If client-based team access is not something you need, you could probably get away with having a 'Business' vault and assigning client tags to the login items.

    Groups - Groups are used to manage the users of your account. Let's say you have a Sales team and the Sales team needs access to a number of vaults, but no access to some other vaults, you could set up a user group called Sales and quickly assign vaults to the entire group, without the need to manage each member individually. Someone leaves the Sales team? No problem: just remove the person from the Sales group and they won't have access to the Sales vaults anymore.

    What is the recommended workflow for managing projects (clients).

    In my opinion there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for this, it really depends on how you work and how much separation and access control you need. I hope my information regarding the different types of features 1Password offers is helpful in finding a solution that suits the way you work. Let me know if you need any additional information, I'd be happy to help! :)

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