Needs to have Terminal Support if your going to be serious

Been a avid 1password user since nearly the beginning. I'm glad to see the expanding into teams, but for allot of production sites (including this one I think) they run on unix and 99% of their management is done from terminal based access. If you can add a Terminal support module to the product it would be a great feature and I'm very sure I can sell a subscription to my department if it has this.

I do have a work flow in mind, and I can demo the work flow, its very simplistic, fast and easy. and everyone who sees my workflow, loves it!
Reach out to me if your really interested!

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  • Hi @z1ross,

    I'd be curious to hear about the workflow you have in mind.


  • z1ross, perhaps a better product for your needs is Vault by Hashicorp? 1Password for teams is meant to be used by humans, not programatically.

  • @dtemp_jg that doesn't mean we shouldn't be doing better with that. I'd love to hear about what people would like to be able to do.


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