Ensuring team members won't lose their data when leaving

In order to better secure our environment, we would like all of our team members to store their personal passwords in 1password. However to better encourage this practice, we want to ensure our team members that they wouldn't lose access to their passwords were they ever to leave the team. We want them to feel in control of their data. If we tell them to store their personal passwords in a dropbox vault then we would lose the ability to help them recover their account besides making the setup and use of the program more complicated. Any suggestions?

1Password Version: 6.5.3
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  • Hi @shlgug,

    That's a great question. To try to avoid confusion in what I'm about to say, let me define a couple things....

    Personal Passwords : I define personal passwords as being passwords that belong to me as a person. Unrelated to the company I work for.
    Company Passwords : I define company passwords as being passwords that may have me as user, but it's for an account that ultimately belongs to the company.

    My recommendation is to not store personal passwords inside of a Teams account. Otherwise when you terminate an employee they would lose access to their personal passwords. Company passwords should absolutely always be stored within the Teams account.

    So then what to do with the Personal passwords. They really belong in another 1Password.com account. One which the company has no rights or access to. Set up both accounts to have the same Master Password to reduce the chances that it gets forgotten. Setup both accounts on every device that they have 1Password on, with the Team account first. This should reduce chances of them getting completely locked out of their own data. That doesn't solve the recovery problem though. This is a problem that we've been trying to solve... effectively how to perform recovery across accounts in a safe/secure way.

    Another option would be to recommend that they get 1Password Families and setup another Family Organizer so that they can do their own recovery.

    I really love that you're thinking about this. :)


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