group permission to enable members to invite a guest?

Using Teams and setting up groups. The group I'm calling 'managers' has access to edit 'people' and create vaults.

but the member (non admin, not owner) of the group is unable to invite a guest.

I want members of this group to be able to invite guests. How configure permissions to enable this?

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  • Hi @cmbb_we1 - Thank you for reaching out to us. I'll do my best to assist you today with your question.

    Log into the Teams account > Once logged in, click on the Teams account name in the upper right hand side > Select Admin Console from the drop down menu > Click on the Groups tab at the top > Click Manage Members and add the specific team member to the group > Click Manage Permissions then select "Create Vaults", "Manage People", "View Admin Console" from the permissions list. You will have to give them admin console access in order for them to have the ability to invite team members over.

    Let me know if that helps or if you have any additional questions :-)

  • cmbb_we1
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    Thank you frank. Does this mean that 'Admin Console' is ability to basically be the admin? They can change all the settings so they are admin at that point?

  • Hi @cmbb_we1 - Sorry for the confusion. Yes you're correct, only admin's can send out invitations . Access to the admin console is required in order to view the invitation section. You can promote a "regular" team member within a custom group to manager which provides additional oversight and gives the owner of the account the ability to delegate responsibilities.

    I will include two helpful links below will give you a better understanding of the roles and key permissions within groups:

    Let me know if you have any additional questions, I'll be more than happy to help out :-)

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