Recovery of vaults or vault content after deletion

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I am just playing around with the Teams Vaults that I have created. Is there a set duration for the recovery of vaults or login items. I wonder if they will be expunged permanently after some time or condition? I am attempting to cull about 600 items from my Primary Vaults combined. After which I can delete the older AgileKeychain vaults.


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  • Hi @wkleem - Great question! Within Teams, you can move an item to the trash and it just stays there forever unless you empty the trash.

    Once the trash is emptied the item can only be recovered by going to the web and using the View Archived Items button in the Vault view. However… archived items are only available for 30 days after deletion if you're using the Standard plan. The Pro plan allows you to keep archived vault items indefinitely. I hope this helped clarify and let us know if you have any further questions. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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    Thanks! I will look into this. It's like Apple's Time Machine? I am on the Pro account,

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    @wkleem - It's not as fancy looking as Time Machine, but it gets the job done. Look into this support article to learn more about it! :)

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