Shouldn't 1Browser have the same access as 1Password for iOS App?

I had an issue with the Skype login wanting to use the Microsoft SSO while ignoring Skype's login. I went to 1Browser to attempt a login and the issue is the same irrespective of whether it is Mobile Safari or 1Browser.

I thought that 1Password's 1Browser would have worked better with their own vaults?

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  • Hi @wkleem,

    I'm having trouble wrapping my head around what didn't work out here. Can you elaborate on what you're seeing?


  • wkleem
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    The answer is detailed is in the link. Basically, due to the way Microsoft is pushing Skype users towards SSO, if you forgot your Skype password and request a password reset, nobody can use an individual Skype password anymore beyond that point. And it is irreversible.

    What I found out is that my Skype password cannot seen when it is there even with 1Browser. I thought 1Browser, being part of 1Password, would work like 1Password?

    Another issue now is that all my previously saved Skype passwords cannot be seen by the Safari Extension even though they are working. Skype by default redirects to Microsoft SSO.

    If I save a new Skype login, gets ignored. Usually, unseen logins can be found by searching but not in the this example.

  • It sounds like maybe you need to add the Microsoft SSO URL to the Skype item in your vault? That should make it show up.


  • wkleem
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    I really don't want to use Skype with Microsoft's SSO, preferring to keep them separate but I will look into it.

  • AGAlumB
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    @wkleem: I think what Rick is saying is that 1Password simply can't offer you a login unless it matches the URL you're at. If Microsoft is sending you to an SSO URL at instead of there's no way 1Password will show you the Skype login unless it has a URL saved. Does that help?

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