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How feasible is to have a shareable web link option in 1PFT?

It would be nice to be able to insert links to password entries in other documentation so that users of the document can quickly and easily click a link and get taken direct to the obect in 1PFT.


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  • Hi @AUSFestivus,

    When you're using the webapp and viewing an item, the URL in your location bar should be sharable. It's a reference to that vault and item, and if you give it to someone else they'll just need to provide their credentials before it displays the item.

    Does that do the trick? Or are you hoping to stay within the native apps?


  • AUSFestivus
    Community Member

    Hey Rick.

    This approach will work at a pinch. I use the native apps almost exclusively though so I shareable web link will make life easier.

  • @AUSFestivus : we've discussed the idea of sharable links that would work with the native apps within the team at one point. It's something that we think would be cool, but we haven't had the cycles to throw at that problem yet.


  • AUSFestivus
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    Understood Rick. Hopefully my request adds a vote to the request in the backlog.

  • Roman
    1Password Alumni

    @AUSFestivus - Thanks for putting down your vote, it's much appreciated! :)

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