"Login ID" field instead of "Username", then add fields 4 Username & Email (if different from Login)

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I would like to request (beg) that AgileBits change the field titled "Username" to "Login" (or "Login info" or "Login ID"). Many, many sites have both a username and a separate login ID (which is most often an email address). By changing the topmost field to a broader "Login" title, it will eliminate confusion for sites that use both the email addy and username.

imo, In addition to the above change, the best solution would be to also create a SECOND default field for username (underneath the password field) for sites that use both.

The final part of this particular problem is: currently, there is no default field for one's email address associated with an account, when the email address is NOT the username. Too often I have failed to note which email I used to sign up to accounts, simply because no field in 1Password asks me for it. Similar to the username field, a THIRD default field for email (associated with the account) should be added to the main default fields.

So you would have:
Login ID
Username (if different from Login ID)
Email (if different from Login ID)

Manual entry is not a good solution for a majority of sites that use two types of ID. The solution is simple -- these fields should be pre-set in defaults. Thanks.

1Password Version: latest per 2/23/17
Extension Version: latest per 2/23/17
OS Version: Sierra
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  • Pilar
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    Hi @earsight

    Thank you very much for getting in touch with us and letting us know what you'd like to see in 1Password. This is a very interesting idea and might be something nice to see in 1Password. Right now, you can add as many extra categories as you want, and they can be of different types. Maybe this can help you customize your items while we see if we can implement your idea :chuffed: It looks something like this:

  • earsight
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    Thanks, Pilar. I'll see what I can accomplish using the "display always" option. I do hope your team will look into redesigning the main default login fields some time in the not too distant future.
    Best regards.

  • There's a lot that we want to do with items and fields. I'd love for us to go well beyond what you've described. :)


  • nexusnet
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    I need the recommended feature as well. My business banking site uses a two level login/username plus password. I'm also seeing a similar architecture on other sites that support businesses/organizations that have multiple authorized users.

  • Lars
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    @nexusnet Thanks for the nudge. :)

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