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Hello 1Pass... I signed up during the Beta of Teams and got in on the special "Launch Special Pricing". My question is, my subscription will renew in May of this year, do I get to keep the Launch Speical pricing forever, or does it go up in May?


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  • @mikevmeyer : Thanks for signing up during our beta. Early adopters like you really helped make all of this possible. You'll get to keep the launch pricing.


  • mikevmeyer
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    Thanks @rickfillion! That's very generous of AgileBits.... if anyone else reads this, I want to make it known that I vetted out 2 other identity/password management systems (Azure AD, and Okta). Our business is only about 50 clients, and I think 1Pass is going to fit perfectly for us, esp. in an all macOS environment. There are too many instances in which we need passwords passed thru native applications and neither Azure or Okta could fit that bill. Don't get me wrong, Azure and Okta are super awesome, but they are also completely different systems than what Agile is building here. If you want simple password management, with the ability to hand off passwords to others, with different security granularities, but yet don't have the infrastructure to onboard a system like Azure or Okta, definitely give 1Pass a hard look.

    FWIW, myself, as well as several other employees at our business have been regular 1Pass users for many years... keep up the good work AgileBits!

  • That's really nice of you to say, @mikevmeyer.

    Don't hesitate to let us know if there are things we could be doing to make things better for you. :)


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