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    Hi @geneticren,

    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community. I appreciate you taking the time to try out 1Password and share your feedback here, and I'll be more than happy to pass it along to our development team for further consideration.

    To clarify, the Send a copy feature makes a copy of the original item and sends it to another team member's Private vault. Any changes made to either item will not be reflected to the other, as you're aware. However, the ability to keep both the original and copy of an item up to date is something that has been requested before, so I'll be sure to pass this along as well for tracking purposes. :+1:

    ref: internal/business-roadmap#51

    ref: internal/business-roadmap#4

  • Thanks @ag_max for the reply and the clarification.

    Apologies to you and the team for coming in a little hot with my comment. I was really surprised to find out that what seems like a simple sharing feature wasn't supported, but I probably should have been a bit more chill with my feedback.

    Mostly I just want to give my customers a good experience, and I know after coming from Dashlane that they're going to say "Why can't I just share stuff with the people that need to see it?" If the tool's resistance to sharing things The Right Way is (comparatively) high, it's not hard to expect a return to password sharing via Slack being the result. Which admittedly is no worse than at least using the Send a copy feature, so hopefully I can at least get folks to use that if they're not willing to jump the "make a new Vault" hurdle.

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    No worries, and thanks again for providing your helpful feedback here. While the recommended approach of creating a new vault and inviting the individuals (or groups) who need access is tried and true, our development team is always looking to improve existing functionality or introduce additional secure sharing methods.

  • Guys - i am sure that another voice on how to solve it is just what u need. However - I am left sitting here having recommended 1Password - subject to Eval and the 3rd item on the requirements list was easy PW sharing. I maybe able to get my guys over the line - but the experience as is now for a user is so 1990's, convoluted, hard to explain and thus really error proun - and most like that credentials will just be sent over Webex or the like.
    I cant actually share a password to a guest - cos he is not a member. So first off he get this email to create a vault, save Master Passwords and file emergency kits... Then sometime later -- when confirmed and added to a vault - he has to log back in and see if its ready. So the process is at least 6 emails and an hour. Or if i call the guy - probably jut 4 emails. Just sending a copy in a Encrypted Email would solve 75% of our usecases. Now it is Just Ugly, ugly, ugly

    Anyway from the thread i see your are oh so well aware - and i am sure they have a "plan". If you have any other features with more noise than this i will be surprised

    EVERYTHING ELSE in the eval has been sweet - Thanks and well done. If we do not come onboard - this will be the cause

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    Hi @BonesWork,

    Thanks for sharing this - I'll make sure your feedback is recorded internally.

    ref: internal/business-roadmap#4

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