For 1Password teams and families, is there a way to require users to create strong passwords?

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I'd like to encourage users to create strong passwords by requiring some minimum strength. This is tricky to do given the requirements of some sites, but a lot of this password management is moot if users create abc123 type passwords and then store them in 1Password. Any way to manage that, or any plans to do it?

It would also be great to, as an admin, be able to see the 1Password strength rating for each users's master password, and see the count of items in each Security Audit category for each user, to see who might need the most help and encouragement to create stronger passwords.

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  • Hi @sdg - Great suggestion and we're looking into it. I agree it would be great to encourage family or team members to use stronger passwords. At this time, we don't have a feature like you described but we appreciate the feedback. 1Password for the Mac has Watchtower which does a great job alerting you about any weak passwords that have been added. I know it's not the same but I thought I would mention Watchtower just in case. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions with us. We're still are working on the best way to improve this but I don't have a timeline to share with you at the moment.

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