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I had a stand alone account and just upgraded to the Family account and cant figure out how to merge my folders. I have the Primary vault still visible on my iPhone and iPad but don't see it on the 1PW webpage and the webpage doesn't give me the option to choose the Personal folder. While in my Primary vault on the phone, tablet and Mac App I still see all of my folders but when I switch to my personal account the folders are not there. It seems everything else merged except the folders. I would like to merge the folders across all three platforms and get rid of the Primary vault and just rely on the Personal vault. Also why cant I see the Primary vault when logged into the webpage.

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    Hi @AudiS4! With our subscription accounts, folders have been replaced by tags. Tags are like super-folders; they can do everything folders did, and more!

    You can add tags on an individual item on by entering them in the tags field, separated by commas. In 1Password for Mac, you can select multiple items and drag them to the tag in the sidebar to add them all to that tag.

    You can learn more about working with tags here:

    The "Primary" vault is the old vault from your standalone licence for 1Password, which is why it's not visible on the web interface for your account. If you've already migrated all of your data from your Primary vault into the Personal vault on (for example) your Mac, and that vault was synced with your other devices, it should now be safe to remove the Primary vault from those devices too. On iPhone/iPad using the latest version of 1Password, you can do this in 1Password > Settings > Vaults (tap on the Primary vault and choose to delete it).

    I hope that helps! :chuffed:

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