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Two related questions after a discussion on iCloud sync of multiple vaults. (Can't do that, yeah , use Dropbox.) Question 1: Can I select multiple entries in 1P and edit common fields across those selections? For instance, I have 50 items I want to identically tag, the Tag field itself is common across all entries, and I want to type once while having the update apply to the whole selection. Similar to iTunes in selecting 1,000 songs, hit CMD I, select options, update equalizer...the change is replicated across all 1,000 songs.

Question 2: I can create a smart folder on the mac and maybe if I am bright that day, set criteria that would hit on the multiple criteria surrounding my 50 items, above. But seemingly, Smart Folders do not appear in iOS devices, under Organize, only Folders (not Smart) and Tags appear. And of course the problem with a folder is that I need to manually select and drag 50 items (or 500) into the thing. Am I missing something.

1Password Version: Mac App 6.6.2
Extension Version: 4.6.3
OS Version: macOS 10.12.3
Sync Type: iCloud


  • rudy


    Thanks for your questions.

    Multi-item edit isn't supported, but if you tag 1 item and then drag the other 49 onto the tag in the sidebar it will add the tag to those items.

    Smart Folders are Mac-only at this time.


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