Reset an account key?

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Lets say an account key is disclosed, what's the best way to reset it? I'm guessing on a families account you could do it if someone else recovers your account, but is there a way to do it as an individual?

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  • primeprime
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    @deviantintegral when you log into you (your family name), go under "my profile". There under "sign in details" you'll see your email and account key. You'll see a blue "pencil" to the left of your account key. You can select it, put in your master password, and you'll get a new account key.

    I only came across this because I was looking all over for stuff and came across this myself.

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    Hi @deviantintegral - Great question and Prime is 100% right :+1:

    Log into your account > Click on the account name in the upper right hand side > Select "my profile" from the drop down menu > Click on the blue edit button next to your Secret Key, click on it to generate a new one.

    If you you do generate a new Secret Key, please make sure to print out a new Emergency Kit as well. I hope this helped and keep us posted if you have any further questions.

  • Oh, that's cool. I didn't realize that we could change the secret key. I'm glad hear that there is a way to do that.

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    Yes, indeed there is :-) The trick is remembering to re-print your Emergency Kit after it's been changed :+1:

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    Thanks! It'd be great if this could be documented at

  • @Frank, would it be possible to add a pop up reminder "don't forget to re-print your Emergency Kit"

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    Hi @deviantintegral - Good point :+1: I will make sure to mention this to our Documents team and see if we can get that added :-) Thanks for the feedback!

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @Prime That's also a great suggestion. I will open up an issue for this and see what we can do :+1:

    ref: 2567

  • @Frank when do I get "Agilebits Team Member" next to my name for helping? Lol

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    Hi @Prime - Only if I get to meet BumbleBee in person :lol: I'm a big fan!

  • Sorry @Frank, he's out on patrol :chuffed:

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