My husband-the licensee-died. How do I take over the account and keep same vault?

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Mark was licensee of version-- then version 3 (and updates) beginning in 2013. Believe his is Family version.
I have his license number and am his executrix and surviving spouse. We have shared the vault since beginning. It syncs via our shared Dropbox account.

I don't want to lose the Vault login contents. Can I transfer it to me somehow?

I have downloaded 1 Password 6 under my name, but not sure how to sync over the existing logins. Afraid to replace his license with mine--lose all our logins?.

Believe we have 6.5.3 going at present.


1Password Version: 3,5,6
Extension Version: 6.5.3
OS Version: imac osSierra 10.12.3, mac air macOS Sierra 10.12.
Sync Type: dropbox
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  • Hi @cewaustintx,

    I'm terribly sorry to hear about your husband. My condolences.

    Licenses and items aren't really related to one another when syncing with Dropbox, so we should be able to proceed without fear of accidentally losing items. If you'd like me to re-send you your license, let me know and I can have our store email it to you again.

    It's great that you were syncing a shared vault with Dropbox. If what you're looking to do is to move the shared items into your Primary vault as you no longer need them to be shared then it should be pretty simple:

    • Switch to the Shared vault using the vault picker in the upper left of the main window
    • Select 'All Items' in the sidebar
    • Select the first item in the list
    • Scroll down and hold down shift while clicking on the last item in the list. This should select all items.
    • Now you should be able to use the Items > Share > Primary > Copy menu item which will copy them to your Primary vault

    Are you syncing your Mac with any other devices? Maybe iOS ones? If so we'll want to make sure that your Primary vault is syncing with those.

    Let's start with this. Let me know how that goes and we'll take it from there.


  • cewaustintx
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    Hi Rick,
    So... we have shared the one Primary Vault (no second vault).

    Please send me my License again. And remind me steps to then sync to Dropbox, etc.

    My Mac Air and iOS devices (iphone 6S and ipad Mini) have been syncing. But as of yesterday, they now bring Vault up with "Read Only" in red.
    The iMac (which was Mark's computer) is fine.

    Many thanks!

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @cewaustintx,

    Thank you for the clarification! If you only had one vault (Primary) that you were sharing/syncing with each other, that certainly makes this all a bit easier.

    Please send me my License again.

    Certainly! I've resent your license information to your email address, so you should have received a separate email about that. Just click the link in the email that says “Click here to Apply Your 1Password License“.

    And remind me steps to then sync to Dropbox, etc.

    If you're setting up the 1Password app for the first time on a Mac, you can click the "Sync using Dropbox" option on the 'Welcome' screen. Then click the 'Choose File...' button on the next screen and select your sync file (.opvault or .agilekeychain) from the Dropbox folder on your Mac.

    If you already set up the app and need to enable sync with Dropbox for that Primary vault, you can do that by going to 1Password > Preferences (in the menu bar) and choosing the Sync tab. From there, change the sync setting to Dropbox and choose your sync file from the Dropbox folder on your Mac. We also show you how to do that here: Set up 1Password to sync with Dropbox

    My Mac Air and iOS devices (iphone 6S and ipad Mini) have been syncing. But as of yesterday, they now bring Vault up with "Read Only" in red.

    If you see a "Read Only" message in the Mac version of 1Password, that means you downloaded it from the Mac App Store. Your license is from our AgileBits Store, and it won't work with the Mac App Store version of 1Password, so you'll need to switch to the AgileBits Store version on your MacBook Air.

    To do that, go to the Applications folder on your MacBook Air and drag to the Trash (do not use any app cleaning tools). Then download the AgileBits Store version from our download site, open the downloaded .pkg file to start the installation, and follow the steps. When you're done, you'll have a new 1Password file in the Applications folder.

    You shouldn't be seeing a "Read Only" message in 1Password on your iOS devices, though. But I might have misunderstood what you meant. If you're seeing that on your iPhone or iPad, please let us know exactly what that message says and where you see it.

    I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have more questions about any of that or need more assistance in getting it set up. :)

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