Files being deleted from Dropbox backup

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I've shared the 1password syncing folder with another person to be able to install it on another computer. Today I was getting tons of notifications that that person was deleting files from the keychain folder. Is this something I should be worried about? Could the sync folder/their Dropbox account be compromised?

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  • Meek

    Hey @dumlaut,

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble! We don't officially recommend sharing a Dropbox folder to facilitate sharing vaults, as this process of syncing is out of our control and any number of things can happen. As such, it is a "use at your own risk" type feature. They could have accidentally deleted files, or, as you say, if their Dropbox account was compromised, there would be nothing protecting your encrypted data files from being deleted. Dropbox does include versions of the files stored there, so at the very least you might be able to revert to a previous version before any files were deleted.

    If you would like to share vaults with others, I would highly recommend checking out our new 1Password Families or 1Password Teams subscription services, as they makes sharing vaults super simple. It is also way more reliable than accomplishing this with shared Dropbox folders.

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