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I just want my life back - Where is my old 1Password functionality???

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I have used 1Password for 3 years. Awesome product, paid for in full plus the upgrade to Pro.

Then I get forced and coerced and tricked into the online version which expires on me and my old app wont work. Go through all the drama of unloading the online app, lose some of my docs but hey, life goes on.

But now my 1 Password is just a "cut and paste" job. You open a bank site, 1Password used to auto complete the fields and sometimes actually sign you in. Now it is dead. You have to open the password log in site, copy the field info for user and paste into the web site. Then go back to 1Password and copy your password and paste in the field on the web site.

May as just well go back to using my old text document i used to use to store my passwords on.

Just want to get rid of all the rubbish that says expired, must upgrade etc etc.

How do I go back in time to the way it worked.

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  • Frank
    edited March 2017

    Hi @Mollison - Thank you for supporting 1Password over the years. I'm sorry if you felt like you were "forced" to sign up for an account. May I ask how you signed up for a account originally? I would love to know so we can maybe make some improvements to clarify things a bit more. Our sign up page on our website it pretty clear so keep me posted.

    You can remove Individual account from your Mac by following the steps below -

    Open & unlock 1Password on your Mac > Click 1Password in the menu bar. Select preferences from the drop down menu > Click on the Accounts tab. Select your account from the list then click on the "sign out" button to remove it.

    Let us know if you have any additional questions. We'll be happy to help out. :+1:

  • Mollison
    Community Member

    Hi Frank. I had the original 1Password that stored the info on my computer and I did not need to be online to use 1Password.

    Then the online monthly subscription came along. I tried it out the free month trial you offered!

    Then it says expired, will not work etc etc. I had to do some changes to my settings.

    But still every time I open 1Password it says expired in big red ink. And it does not work like it used to.

    I do not want to remove the program, I just want what I had, what I paid for, what works for me.

    I do not want your monthly subscription. You sold me a product now stick to it.


  • Ben
    edited March 2017


    Following Frank's instructions would not remove 1Password from your Mac, just your trial account that you signed up for.

    Sorry for any confusion.


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