How do I create a template for formatting phone numbers?

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I'd like to ensure that my phone number fields have consistent formatting, even if I don't enter them consistently. Is there a way to specify the desired format? (e.g., for US phone numbers (###) ###-####)

I would expect that templated formatting could be applied to other types of fields (e.g., date, month/year, URL).

1Password Version: 6.6.4
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OS Version: macOS 10.12.4
Sync Type: iCloud
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  • Hi @nekodan,

    You can create Phone fields which will help somewhat, but not to the extent that you probably want. Unfortunately I can't think of anything we currently have that would enforce the specific formatting like that. It'd be a neat thing for to add one day though.


  • nekodan
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    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the response. It looks like there are a couple of good libraries to accomplish this, at least for phone numbers: (Java, JavaScript) (iOS, probably macOS too)


  • Drew_AG
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    Thank you for the suggestion, @nekodan! I can't make any promises about if or when we might add something like that, but perhaps we can consider it for a future version.

    If you need anything else, please let us know. Cheers! :)

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