QoL: Too much time spent navigating around 1Password

Context: I'm on multiple teams, and my "All Vaults" does not include all vaults.

When I need to switch around, I must first realize that the reason I can't find something is because it's the wrong view. Then I must open the sidebar, tap the vault dropdown, choose the vault, and close the context menu by swiping it away or choosing Favorites or Categories. Only then can I hit search, or try to drill down into a category.

I believe this can be improved.

I'd suggest ditching the second-tier Favorites / Categories / Settings navigation screen and just immediately drop in and out of picking a vault. Settings are not per-vault anyway, and can go above or below the vault picker. Favorites can be presented as a special kind of category once you've picked a vault, or better yet, the items you see immediately before deciding to go through search or category drill-down.

This removes two steps from the navigation flow of switching vaults. I must still realize that I'm in the wrong vault, but then when I open the sidebar I'd immediately see the vault picker and choosing a vault would immediately close the sidebar. The main screen would present me with search and a list of categories (one of which is Favorites).

But wait there's more! It's still difficult to realize that I'm in the wrong vault. There's just no indication on the main screen. I know the title bar is constrained, but surely there's space for the vault icon?

As always, thanks for 1Password. Taking the time to offer these ideas reflects well on how much I depend on it.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @cainlevy: I agree with you completely. This gets me too, having a similar setup with multiple vaults/accounts/etc. We're focused on other things right now, but we'll see what we can do to improve navigation in the future. Thanks for the feedback! :)

    ref: OPA-1143

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