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Hello. I am confused. I purchased the app years ago and starting to use it, and I went to the website to start loading information and it told me create a secret code. But when I did that it wanted me to convert and login with a trial. Can someone help me getting started. I may have done something I was not suppose to do? Maybe I have 2 accounts and now needs to be reset?

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  • Jacob

    Hey @ryanbradley2! I’m sorry for the confusion. Since you made a one-time purchase of 1Password, you didn't get an account on We recently introduced 1Password accounts as part of subscriptions, which have automatic sync between your devices, access to 1Password anywhere, and an account to access everything. You can create one to get the benefits accounts include, or you can keep using 1Password as you always have.

    What are the benefits of a 1Password membership?

    To start using 1Password, you can install 1Password from where you purchased it originally and create a vault locally on your computer, then sync that to your other devices, or you can migrate your data to an account which will sync everything automatically when you sign in on each device. Hope this helps clear things up!

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