Android App not recognizing multiple vaults

I've got 3 vaults, Mine, Mine+Wife, and Shared. I can navigate using the dropdown menu between all three and see all information, but if "All Vaults" is selected, only "Mine" is visible. This is true in the android app and using the 1Password keyboard. This is not an issue on my iPad or computers. App is currently up-to-date from the Google Play store on my Galaxy S6.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @x98421: Are you certain you're not using a local vault in 1Password for Android? If you were previously using the standalone app, you may need to reinstall 1Password for Android and set it up only with your account. Just be sure to verify that you see all of your data at first to make sure you have everything there already. Let me know what you find! :)

  • here was the fix fron customer service
    Go ahead and open and unlock your Android app for me. Tap the three lines in the upper left hand corner, then tap settings > Vaults. You should see a list of all vaults you have access to and a slider to the right of each. If the sliders next to your you+wife and shared vaults are not blue, go ahead and tap on those two sliders for me and check the All Vaults view again and you should see those two vaults

  • periperi

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    Thanks for sharing, @x98421! In case anyone else comes across this thread, it sounds like these particular vaults were not included in the All Vaults view. You can find steps here for changing those settings:

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