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The follwing article says to sync your android phone using Dropbox, click setting and then sync and a option for dropbox will appear however the only option I have at the moment is an Option for a WLAN server.

Using a OnePlus2 and the pro version of the app

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  • periperi

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    Hi @Dale O Shea. With 1Password 6 on Android, you can configure any supported sync solution, but once you've done so it's not possible to change the sync method without reinstalling or resetting the app. So since you've configured WLAN server syncing, you'll need to reset the app to change to another sync method.

    First things first, make sure to sync your data so that you don't lose any new changes when starting over. Do you already have all of the data you need on the Mac or PC you synced with? Make sure your data is safe and sound on the computer before starting over on Android and configuring Dropbox sync. The process will delete everything from your Android device, so you'll be starting with an empty vault here. If you don't already have all of your data on your Mac or PC, stop here and reply to me.

    Then follow these steps to start over with a new vault.

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