Change PayPal password ...

When you change your password on paypal, what I do, is ask 1Password to generate the new one, then I set the new one on the site.
there 1Password ask me if I want to update the password (and the new one is already there ...) and if by accident I click yes .. it put me back the old one on my vault ...

There is plenty of recovery option .. but it's not what you want :->
I guess Paypal is important enough to do something?

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  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hey @mcnahum,

    there 1Password ask me if I want to update the password (and the new one is already there ...) and if by accident I click yes .. it put me back the old one on my vault ...

    Sorry about the trouble here, it sounds like when you entered a new password in PayPal's Change Password form and clicked "Change Password", 1Password offered you to update your password and if you clicked "Yes" 1Password didn't update your password. Is that right?

    I tested PayPal's Change Password form myself and I can't reproduce using 1Password for Mac 6.6.4 with 1Password Browser Extension for Chrome Are you using the same versions of 1Password app and browser extension?

    In my case, here were my steps (I'm including them just in case they were different to yours):

    1. Signed into
    2. I was taken to the following page:
    3. Clicked Settings > Security > (Password) Edit
    4. At this point I see three fields, Current Password and two New Password fields.
    5. I copied and pasted my current PayPal password into the Current Password field.
    6. Then using 1Password's Strong Password Generator created a new password and clicked "Fill" and my new password was entered twice in the two "New Password" fields.

      Note: PayPal has a 20 character limit on it's passwords, which isn't immediately obvious from it's Change Password form. This caught me out before when changing my password.

    7. Then clicked "Change Password".
    8. 1Password prompted me to update my password and it was successfully changed.

    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks Matthew,
    your steps are better in fact.
    For me I generated the new password before ... so when I reached you step 8. 1Password prompt me too but it put back my old password instead my new one.

    But your steps are better than mine ..

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @mcnahum,

    On behalf of Matthew, you're very welcome! The steps he gave you are basically the preferred method of updating a website/login password, as described on our support site here: Change your passwords and make them stronger

    As for the steps you took which resulted in the password being switched back to the old one, it sounds like you first changed the password directly in the main 1Password app first, so your Login item contained the new password before you changed it on the PayPal site. The 'change password' web form requires you to enter both the old and new passwords, but 1Password can't necessarily tell which password field is which - it just detects that you entered two different passwords in that form. One of those passwords matches the one in your existing Login item for, so 1Password thinks it's the old password (even though you know it's really the new one). Therefore, it thinks the non-matching one is the new password (even though you know it's really the old one). When you accept the prompt to update your Login item, 1Password updates it with what it thinks is the new password.

    Or I suppose another way to say it is that you accidentally tricked 1Password into thinking the old password was the new one that you wanted to save to your Login item. ;) I hope that helps to explain why that happened! If you have more questions about that, please let us know. Cheers! :)

  • Yes that's cristal clear. thanks for the information

  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni


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