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I've got a team account from work and would now like to give family members 1Password with a family subscription. Can these two be combined / linked so that I can be part of the family subscription with my team subscription with only one account? If not (which would be a pity), how would I go about switching accounts between team and family easily?

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  • john_m
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    Hi @msteinmann! Welcome to the forums :chuffed:

    Each 1Password subscription account is separate, so it's not possible to "combine" them directly. However, the 1Password apps allow you to sign into multiple accounts at the same time. Combine that with our vault switcher (which allows you to switch between which vault's contents are being displayed), and our "All Vaults" view (which "virtually" combines the contents of multiple vaults together), being a member of multiple accounts is very straightforward. In fact, I do this myself - I have my own individual subscription account for my personal stuff, and I'm a member of a Teams account for my work stuff too.

    You can read more about the vault switcher and the "All Vaults" view here:

    I hope that helps! :+1:

  • msteinmann
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    Yes, that helps. I hadn't seen the "Add Account" menu under Preferences. Thanks

  • john_m
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    Glad to help @msteinmann! :chuffed:

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