Browser that supports 1Password and adblockers or extensions?

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Chrome works wonderfully with 1Password, but doesn't support extensions. You can block ads, but it if you root.

Firefox has great extension support, but doesn't work well with 1Password.

I just tried out the new Samsung browser, which is close! However, I have everything to select an entry several times for it to actually fill properly. And, 1P can't detect the current site.

Given the security issues with ads (last time I disabled adblockers, I got 3 phishing style ads pretending to be Google in a day), it'd be great to not have to choose. So, any suggestions on a browser that works well for both cases?


  • AGAlumB
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    @deviantintegral: I'm not aware of any mobile browsers that have robust extension support the way the desktop versions do, but Firefox and Brave are both available on Android. Firefox is focused on privacy, and Brave includes ad-blocking capability. Again, neither of these integrates with 1Password as that's not something that's possible there, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either. Cheers! :)

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